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Catherine Heilemann

For more than 30 years, Heilemann Coaching & Consulting has helped individuals and businesses identify and achieve their goals. Working with some of Australia’s most respected businesses and their employees, we help individuals find their passion so they can become the very best version of themselves – no matter what their goals are, or where their passion lies.

Through a tailored process, we can help individuals feel inspired and motivated, and gain valuable career confidence and insight.



Heilemann Coaching & Consulting also works with organisations as a whole to help employees identify and develop transferrable skills – improving the culture and expertise of the entire business.

Through self-paced learning modules and business-wide coaching sessions, or with one-on-one executive coaching, Heilemann Coaching & Consulting helps all individuals to reach their full potential and achieve success.

Not only did coaching help me understand my true value, Catherine was also able to show me how to negotiate in difficult situations.

What we covered in coaching helped me to challenge Sam*, to objectively build a picture and then convey it to the Global boss.

Reflecting my experience… was a challenge… What started out as a more ‘technical and job description focussed’ profile ended up really showing me for who I am.

Through Catherine’s coaching I was able to build up my confidence in my work and truly understand my value.

We discussed the current market environment, my achievements… and my direct and indirect contribution to the business…. I realised that I has highly undervaluing my work and delivery to the business.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Order your free copy of Catherine’s ebook now.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Order your free copy of Catherine’s ebook now.

What We Do

For the organisation

Employee Coaching

As a business leader, you want employees who are self-starters. You want people who are capable and confident. People who can identify problems and solutions and realise their own goals. Help your people learn and develop these skills with self-paced learning modules and business-wide coaching sessions.

Change Management

Even the most nimble and progressive organisation can struggle with change management. Let Heilemann Coaching & Consulting help you define your goals, develop an action plan, implement that plan and transition to a rejuvenated workplace.

Employee Engagement

Increase your productivity with a loyal, engaged and striving workforce. From reviewing processes within the organisation through to fostering a relationship with your employees, we can uncover ways to reignite your workforce.

Culture Implementation

Take a sustainable approach to your business culture needs. Nurturing a positive, dynamic and mentally healthy workplace is all part of the process. Heilemann Coaching & Consulting can identify areas for change as well as creating the strategy to support you long term.

Want to work with a change management consultant that can help you reach new heights?

What We Do

For the individual

Executive coaching & development services

Take your leadership role by the horns with our tailored executive coaching and career development program. Enhance your leadership skills and find a safe, confidential harbour for sounding out strategy, navigating organisational dynamics and more.

A dedicated careers coach

Whether you’re chasing a promotion within your existing workplace or you’re re-evaluating your current career trajectory, Heilemann Coaching & Consulting can help. Our career coaching is tailored to advancing your professional capabilities and promoting your worth as a valued employee.

Business coach

Ready to become your own boss but need a trusted ally for the journey ahead? We can help. From strategic planning through to personal motivation, let us apply skill and experience to your new business endeavour and allow you to shine.

Want to work with a change management consultant that can help you reach new heights?


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