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Managing employee engagement during a large-scale organisational change can be a tough ask.

Managing employee engagement during a large-scale organisational change can be a tough ask.

But it isn’t impossible.

Don’t be the organisation that shies away from much needed change for fear of the processes involved or the ramifications. 

Instead, bring your employees along on the journey of change management. Increase your engagement levels and discover that organisational change management doesn’t have to be a headache.

With Heilemann Coaching & Consulting, create the workplace that encourages your employees to do their best work by:


Identifying organisational change

If your workplace needs revitalisation but you can’t see where to start, we can help. From research and assessment of your current culture and workplace opportunities for growth, we can identify areas of improvement and excellence to support positive organisational change.


Executing a change management strategy

All great change has a good, strong structure. Developing a roadmap to a stronger, healthier and more productive workplace is all part of having an effective change management strategy. Minimise the speed bumps and maximise the potential today.


Facilitating workplace change

We love to join the dots between your current culture, the organisation change you want, and your stakeholders needs. Let Heilemann Coaching & Consulting work as your universal translator between the workplace, the employee and the systems you aim to implement.


Engaging employees

The most effective organisational change is driven by a workforce that welcomes it. That’s why proper employee engagement is part and parcel of any effective strategy. Move beyond collecting feedback and allaying concerns to creating a proactive approach to workplace change that engages even the most hesitant of employees.

How can Heilemann Coaching & Consulting support your organisational change management and employee engagement strategies?

Services for the positive and proactive workplace include:

Identifying organisational change opportunities


Creating strategies to facilitate organisational change

Managing stakeholders, employees and the process of change

Marrying the theory and the expectation with the practical reality

Fostering positive, mentally healthy and productive work cultures


Implementing systems and strategies that strengthen future growth

Let Heilemann Coaching & Consulting work with you to build a positive working environment.


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