Terms & Conditions

We just need to cover off our terms and conditions, so we all know where we stand.

This contract between the Coach and Coaching Counterpart provides the personal commitment of each party towards the success of the coaching encounter.

In agreeing to a coaching relationship, the Coach and the Coaching Counterpart understand that coaching:

  1. May address specific projects, work performance, skill levels, and general conditions in the Coaching Counterpart’s profession or life as they may impact on workplace performance
  2. Requires a co-active, collaborative approach. In the coaching relationship, the Coach plays the role of a facilitator of change, and it is the Coaching Counterpart’s responsibility to enact change and implement actions that have been agreed to between sessions.
  3. Coaching sessions will be conducted either face-to-face, by video online conferencing or telephone, as jointly agreed between you and the Coach.
  4. The Coach will determine with you the most useful and desired outcomes
  5. Contemporary coaching practices will be applied within the coaching relationship
  6. You will be provided a safe, yet challenging learning environment to promote exploration and discovery
  7. When coaching is being provided by an organisation, a holistic, integral approach to coaching, will be applied to ensure all required support is provided to you.
  8. The Coach will seek feedback from you and review coaching outcomes achieved against the goals set.
  9. With the Coach, you will set the interim activities to be carried out between coaching sessions and action them before your next session in-order-to obtain the full benefit from this coaching
  10. Coaching is a journey and can take time. You will come to each session with a willingness to be actively involved and committed to coaching
  11. You will open your mind and be ready to make the changes you want to
  12. Each time you meet with the coach you will come prepared and on-time with your interim activities completed.
  13. Coaching can be challenging and you are giving the coach permission to challenge and confront thinking, behaviours and feelings during the coaching sessions in support of your development goals
  14. Any specific information discussed or issues raised during the course of coaching will be on a strictly confidential basis
  15. Heilemann Coaching & Consulting will maintain file notes on progress of the coaching sessions, and will ensure complete confidentiality of this information, except in rare circumstances where decreed by law or as agreed by you for a specified purpose
  16. The Coach will work with the professional ethics guidelines designated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Copies of the ethical guidelines are available on request.
  17. Once you have completed the registration your payment is due.
  18. Payment is accepted Debit or Credit card and through the checkout. This step confirms your appointments.
  19. If you need to change the date and/or time of your appointment that’s OK. We just need a minimum of 48 hours notice of the coaching session, otherwise the full coaching feel will be incurred.
  20. We make every effort for our one-on-one coaching sessions to go ahead. If something happens that means we can’t go ahead as scheduled we will let you know via sms text and email. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the one-on-one coaching session in these kinds of circumstances. We will do our very best to get you booked into a new timeslot ASAP.
  21. Heilemann Coaching & Consulting aims to help you resolve your development goals. We are unable guarantee the outcome.
  22. You will let us know what your goal/s are and when you expect to put your learning to action. We will follow up after the date, and we ask that you share the outcome.
  23. I understand that I am working with Catherine Heilemann as a Coach, and that I am not receiving medical, financial, legal or accounting advice. I will seek these services separately as and when needed.
  24. I understand that Coaching with Catherine Heilemann is not therapy. I understand that Catherine Heilemann is not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or Doctor and I will see this help if needed. I understand that working with Catherine may bring up emotional states and I am fully responsible for managing myself and my state. I take 100% responsibility for the actions I take while working with Catherine Heilemann.
  25. I enter this relationship taking full responsibility for my participation in it and I release Catherine Heilemann from any liability or outcomes from coaching.
  26. We don’t take responsibility for any damages, costs, losses or expenses suffered or incurred by you (our client) in connection with any coaching sessions which are either rescheduled or cancelled.
  27. Heilemann Coaching & Consulting reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.


We are delighted to have you as part of the program, and are looking forward to you flourishing and strengthening your place your professional space.


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